House Boat Kerala

Alappuzha -'Venice of the East' is made more proud by elegantly constructed houseboats. Providing all the facilities as in cozy hotels, Kerala tourism had set up the felicitating traditional establishment -'Houseboats'

Enjoying the natural beauty and serenity ,tourists could spend a full day as well as night in houseboats.Tourist are more attracted to the house boats due to the amenities provided as well as Kerala Dishes.

House boats provide all modern technologies as in the house,Traditional construction of bedrooms,kitchen,living room Bathroom makes the tourist at the peak of excitement. Kerala food style differentiates houseboats from other hotels.Lunch on the banana leaf,Fish fry ,Payasam are the specialties.Houseboats provides special arrangement for the tourist to catch fish by their own and chef will prepare it for them.

amenities of House Boat Kerala
  • Hull is made up of wood and iron sheets
  • Wood decoration in ethnic as well as traditional style gives more beauty to the interior designing
  • Kitchen interiors and cabins are neatly organised with all the modern technologies
  • Bedroom architecture provides the ambiance feeling and feels every one privacy
  • Cozy lounge room which can enjoy the ripples of the lake and natural beauty
  • Wooden constructed Sun deck where can be seated and enjoy the warmth of the sun
  • As bathroom architecture has gained a lot of importance recently , arrangements are done in tidy manner
  • Highly efficient chef would cook the delicious dishes
  • Trained staff and life jacket provides for the safety of guests
  • Eco-friendly sanitation systems which helps to be free from pollution

Features of House Boat Kerala

Beside being an cultural heritage, the houseboats of Kerala offer an innovative holiday idea.

Our eco-friendly houseboats are made from local materials like bamboo poles, coconut fibre, ropes, bamboo mats, carpets etc. Usually houseboats are the giant country crafts that are as long as 60 to 70 feet.

While aboard the houseboat in Kerala you may enjoy the facilities of a star categorised hotel. Basically the houseboats are well appointed with an open lounge, one or more bath attached bedrooms and a kitchenette. Our houseboats are generally manned by a crew, consisting of a cook, guide and oarsman. Lazing and relaxing on the sun decks is one of the most popular activities on the houseboats . Traditional lanterns take up the place of electricity in our houseboats . On the houseboats you may enjoy the serene surroundings along with savouring the traditional specialities of Kerala. Fresh seafood add good flavours to the meals available on the houseboats.